Open: Chocolate Rain by Some1Else

Some1Else - Chocolate Rain (feat. Tay Zonday) (Cover)

This is our first open release, hopefully many more will come. We explored some possibilities, and chose the ccMixter platform along with a Creative Commons Attribution license. This means permission to unlimited use if some form of credit is given to the original author.

The track in question this time is Chocolate Rain by Some1Else (featuring a vocal snippet of Tay Zonday‘s original acapella). It might be some form of Glitch Hop, spins at 93 BPM. Here are the multitrack samples:

Let us know if you use it and stay tuned, because we release again next week.


Fresh Dubstep

We made a few heavy beats in preparation for the upcoming KRUNCH IT!!

Be in K4, Ljubljana, SIovenia on March 6th to see it go down live 😉

Realtime Audio Visual Composition Demo